Iron Armada: Why I’m Excited

I really like games where you can build stuff and then use your new creation to fight other players.

May the best battlething win and that’s why Iron Armada has a special place in my heart.

It’s the spiritual successor to mod called Shiprekt.

Very fun!

ShipRekt: Iron Armada’s GrandDaddy

I loved this, it’s simple and fun. You didn’t have to grind and harvest to build your ship.

Which means you were able to build your ship fast and that’s when the fun began

I always went for a speedy yet sturdy built with machine guns on front to shred my opponents engines.

The wave dominator

Now imagine this on a persistent server, where you can not only build ships but whole space stations, control and fight for sectors in space.

Well that’s what Drakling labs, founded by the youtuber Bluedrake42 is trying to with Iron Armada.

It’s the same concept except in space with armored space-ships and planets/zones to conquer in a persistent world.

And the gameplay footage looks promising. It’s still being developed at this time but I have high hopes for it.

What The Future Holds

Iron Armada is being crowd developed. With many rookie and experienced developers giving their time to work on it.

If you have an interest in coding, play-testing or video game development. Check out the forum and then the discord server here.

They’ll be happy for the help and I will too when it is eventually bug-free.

Because right now the servers are empty and I really want that to change.

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